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A unique fin designed by Surfing Legend Bob "The Greek" Bolen.

Tapping Into the Turbo Tunnel

Words & Photo by Arsen Brzostek, Posted 2/14/07

The Turbo Tunnel was developed by Bob "The Greek" Bolen, Huntington Beach Local and surfing legend. I met Bob at the Surf Expo in 2006 and he recommend I use his Turbo Tunnel on my 11 footer. I did and enjoy the drive it produces on my battleship of a board. When ever I'm asked if I like the fin and what difference I notice the most I answer with how well my board drives through and around the white wash without a side to side motion of my board which robes my forward momentum. The fin acts as if it were guiding your board on a rail. The tunnel is

built with a wider opening at the leading edge then on the outflow causing a thrust action. Cool. The Turbo Tunnel has good flex and is very durable compared to fiberglass fins. As fins have been coming to the forefront of surfboard development this is one to put into your stick and give it a go. The Turbo Tunnel comes in several different sizes and colors to fit your aquatic Cadi or Ferrari. Oh yeah some of the worlds best longboarders ride these fins in macking conditions and swear by them. Can't dispute that. Contact Bob and tell him Arsen sent you.

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Tapping Into the Turbo Tunnel.