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Aerial view of tuna pens set just offshore from a coast.

Proposed Tuna Farm in Pavones

Words by Arsen Brzostek, Posted 8/20/06

The pictures above were provided by FUNDACION TISKITA of the proposed set up.

My annual Costa Rica surf trip brought me once again down into the country's Southern Zone to the classic spot of Pavones. As usual all looked pristine but after several days I began reading and hearing news about a proposed Tuna farm almost directly offshore from this tropical paradise break.

Upon further inquiry I was aghast about what was to possibly happen. Large pens

filled with massive schools of Yellow Tail Tuna will be anchored to the sea floor at the mouth of the Golfo Dulce home to Pavones and Matapalo, two of the world's classic surf spots. Anyone with a brain can assume what a business operation of this caliber will create within such a biodiverse region. First of all the catching of the Tuna will take place about 250km offshore. The fishing process will kill many species of marine life such as dolphin, turtles and whales. Once the Tuna are brought in closer to shore the effects will continue to devastate the region by drawing in sharks who will be doing their job as cleaners of the oceans. >

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Proposed Tuna Farm in Pavones.