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My stack of wave sliding toys.

Quivering Circa 2007

My watery toys.

Words & Photos by Arsen Brzostek, Posted 3/1/07

As your surfing grows so does your collection of wave sliding toys. Bonga Perkins said by riding different boards your surfing skills will inevitably grow due to the way each surfboard performs on a wave. I agree with his statement and remember when I was surfing thruster shortboards and bought an 8'0" fun shape. For one thing living in Florida we get a lot more waves where bigger boards provide more wave time. And with more wave time the better your surfing skills become. As time went on I began walking on my 8'0"

fun shape to position myself into better spots on a wave. After the good vibe from the fun shape rides I decided to get a custom shortboard shaped for me. When I first got the 6'10" Thruster it worked great, had a lot of paddle power and good manuverability. During a trip to Costa Rica with a group of surfers I had brought my 6'10" shortboard and 8'0" midsize. While at Boca Barranca I was given the opportunity to ride a 10'0" longboard. I loved the effortless glide and momentum the log provided. From that point forward I was hooked on riding different style boards. >

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Quivering Circa 2007. My watery toys.