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Jesse spreading his wings on a glassy Scripps pulse in San Diego.


Interview with Surfer/Shaper Jesse "Trimm" Timm

Words by Arsen Brzostek, Photos by Jim Coshland, Posted 2/25/07

I met Jesse during a telephone conversation in December 2004. He agreed to be in my second film "Going With The Flow: Classic California Soul Surfing". His contribution to the film didn't end with shots of him perched at the tip of his classic style log. He was instrumental to what the film became due to his friendships with the legendary surfers who agreed to share their surf stoked stories captured through interviews featured in the documentary.

which were Jesse's a person who loves to give the stoke of surfing to anyone interested by talking surf and giving words of encouragement to those less fortunate in the surfing style department. His true love for surfing and humanity has kept Jesse out of the surfing lime light and focused onto the important things in life; being a good person, helping out your fellow man and creating magic carpets for those seeking watery solitude. >

Trimm'in. Interview with Surfer/Shaper Jesse "Trimm" Timm.