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Avoid dangerous situations by following the rules.


Words by Arsen Brzostek, Posted 12/18/03

How many times has this happened to you? You're riding along on a wave, trimmed out perfect and in your peripheral vision you can see someone dropping in on your wave. As I whistled and made courteous sounds to get the attention of the person attempting to squash my last moments on the wave, they without looking, just dropped in and I was forced to kick my board up slightly to get it over the other persons board to minimize board as well as body damage.

When you're faced up against an 11' board

(which what I was riding on this particular day) you better have some insurance. That thing doesn't stop or turn very quickly. After the collision I came up thinking, great there goes the cosmetics of the Blue Beast. To my delight my ship came up unscathed, well I picked up a little wax on my bottom deck. The other persons board didn't fare so well needing ding repair and causing them to have to exit the water and end their session prematurely. Another local surfer was right there and saw the entire happening and provided the inattentive individual with a little bit of surf schooling and etiquette.

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Surfing Etiquette.