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Local lizard.

and was the only landmark making everyone feel miles away from anything. The car rental guy pulls up an hour and a half late. We already had the sick feeling we weren't gonna be on the plane that night but we pressed onward with positive thoughts. All his fast driving and agile maneuvering wouldn't make any difference. We arrived at the airport. Plane gone. One more day in Costa Rica. At the Irazu Hotel we ran into the Panamanian who gave me the ride and helped our cause. A beer was ordered and sent his way with a thankful handshake and nod our karma was good. The next day we left the hotel in the morning after a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed with a real mattress and not a thin piece of foam which we had endured at La Pina.

Our flight out was at 2:30pm, we sat around the food court waiting. I noticed some officials gathering around next to our table and some were taking notes, while others nervously chatted on their walkie talkies. Apparently someone had left a back pack on one of the nearby chairs backrests. Two tables down from us this possible terrorist ploy could've played out. With our better judgment we left the area in case anything crazy was to happen which it thankfully didn't which certainly would've shut the airport prolonging our stay in Costa Rica. Missing the plane the day prior caused us to be layed over throughout Central America. First we flew to El Salvador. All the stories I heard and read about made the airport exactly how I envisioned it. Their we were ready to be >

Four hours in El Salvador. A Costa Rican Surf Adventure.