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Exploring Finca Siberia high above the clouds waiting on our ride.

was conveniently available unlike the many other turns encountered on these mountain roads. After the adrenaline stopped filling my mouth I kept up with the mandatory passing of slower vehicles as we made out way to San Jose. While passing one semi our truck began to cough and sputter eventually revving to red line then coasting to a dead halt on some Tico's drive. Nice. The chilly mountain air was a nice break from the sweltering heat we'd been in for a week. I asked the Tico who's drive was now our temporary parking lot if anyone in this mountain side community, consisting of only seven dwellings, had a phone. No luck and he said the nearest communication mechanism was 1km away. I began walking and was able to thumb a ride.

The Panamanian who helped out was more than kind to help me out. After both him and I spoke with the car rental company I was left hoping there'd be someone to quickly whisk us away to the airport. Hoping was all we had at that point. With my camera full charged, Adam resting in the back of the truck Jeff and I went to explore this fairy tale enclave nestled on the side of the mountain. The area reminding us both of Europe somewhere in the mountains with a hint of back woods USA where some toothless wonder and his crew would eat us for dinner. The breathtaking vistas were amazing. The clouds floating at a lower altitude created a Lord of the Rings setting and the country attitude had a vibe all it's own. Finca Siberia was a sign posted nearby >

Four hours in El Salvador. A Costa Rican Surf Adventure.