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Costa Rican Sugar.

As we made our way through the debris of jungle logs, giant roots, coconuts and smaller branches the place didn't have the same appeal as before. As the tide starting pulling out so did the debris which cluttered each wave. What was also nice was the surfers began leaving one by one being fed up with hitting all the debris on each wave. With a group of six Japanese surfers leaving at one time the line up was once again solely occupied by us three lucky dudes. There we were, wearing shit eating grins, enjoying one lovely wave after another. The last day of the trip always calls for a mandatory early dawn patrol. This year we opted to pack up at 6am and get on the road to make the airplane which was scheduled for six in the evening.

Making good time we weaved our way through the mountains passing semis and other slow moving vehicles. As an omen of warning we stopped to check out a semi carrying rice which had crashed on the side of the road and spilled it's entire contents everywhere. As we observed several vehicles had stopped and the people were collecting the rice then sacking it onto their respective rides. On one nail biting turn high up in the Mountains of Death a scenario played out for us which was directly from a Hollywood action movie. We came around the corner with other vehicles hot on our tail, traffic stacked back in the on coming lane and the best part was the semi truck passing and fully charging towards us. I slowed and pulled off on the shoulder which >

Four hours in El Salvador. A Costa Rican Surf Adventure.