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Jeff & Adam wishing for a time machine.

I prefer to be safely elevated off the ground while sleeping in Costa Rica. There's just to many things which can happen being on ground level. Every night we slept with the doors and windows wide open since there was no AC and the jungle sounds made falling asleep so much easier. The only relief from the heat was an ice cold shower before you hit the sack along with two small fans to help circulate the air. The serenity and peace we achieved during our stay was priceless. No phones, TV, traffic, work, the list goes on. On this trip I took a limited amount of photos. I didn't shoot during the best waves or lighting. All I wanted from this trip was to surf my brains out. I believe we all successfully achieved some state of brain exposure.

Epic surf in perfect conditions, with some of the longest point waves any of us have ever seen with absolutely no one around to other spots where we happily shared double over head, back lit, bowling beauties with two locals and a nomadic Canadian. The waves made our nightly dreams so nice. On our last full day we wanted to surf a spot we'd surfed earlier in the week. A perfect point with no one in sight. The waves were so incredible the first time we surfed it when we drove onto the beach and parked at the point I was jumping up and down from the excitement. When we pulled up for the second time at this wave we found high tide had created a mine filled mile long paddle out combined with about 20 surfers in the line up. Shit man, we thought. >

Four hours in El Salvador. A Costa Rican Surf Adventure.