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Jeff sizing up the result of a bad passing maneuver.

world. It's a setup where you pull up to the break and sit there slack jawed at how sick the waves look. By the time you're ready to paddle out things have changed so drastically where there was once a perfect A Frame peak is now all a giant close out. The tides in this part of the world are extreme ranging around sixteen feet. The rocks are so treacherous on the reefs that a low tide exit can last up to an hour. Having missed the first time we went to check the reefs the next session out had us ready for the tide position which provided optimum results. As we sat in the truck enjoying the AC a local comes by and chats up a storm about his favorite bands. With the heat fiercely clawing at the innards of our truck the sun screen I had applied earlier began to melt into my

eyes. Once I was ready to go out my eyes were chemically burned. Paddling out was interesting as the well overhead waves broke outside and all I could see was a big blur. Regardless of my burning eyeballs I had my 9'0" Harbour Habanero. I had bought the 9'0" several years back to surf during bigger swells back home. I guess the day I bought it I forgot I lived in Florida. So the board sits dormant most of the time and was fun to paddle around, actually duck dive and catch some speedies. Mandatory down time during every trip here is spent exploring the jungle and it's waterfalls. If you've done your share of exploring the natural wonders of the area resting up and reading is always welcome. The room we had at La Pina was located on the second floor. >

Four hours in El Salvador. A Costa Rican Surf Adventure.