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Unwinding at Mario's after hoping around Central America.

home but instead were sitting around with soldiers walking around and having their dogs sniff at our and others bags. Our next lay over kept us on the plane for thirty minutes as people got off and then a new crowd entered. Out of all my trips to Costa Rica I've yet to say, man that girl is hooottt! The same went for our brief stint at the Salvadorian airport. All in one swoop there was three knock outs aboard there in Nicaragua. At this point anything would help relieve the travel blues and some eye candy was welcome! After we landed in Miami, took care of all the bullshit at the airport, acquired a rental and were knocking on my buddy Mario's front door it was 4am. Mario always stoked to chat and talk good story pulled himself together and spent our unwind time with us.

We all enjoyed the Miami breeze and the thought of being in a comfortable bed. Can't wait for next years trip. And if we do Costa Rica this time we'll book our last night in San Jose by choice.

Four hours in El Salvador. A Costa Rican Surf Adventure.