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Pavones always has a crowd - swell or no swell.

Four hours in El Salvador

A Costa Rican Surf Adventure.

Words & Photos by Arsen Brzostek, Posted 9/10/06

El Salvador was at the top of the list for the summers surf trip. After several emails to local Salvadorian surf guides and info I acquired about the country the laid back trip I wanted to go on wasn't gonna happen in the land of right points. Seeing the heavy military presence and 1970's feel of the airport devoid of travelers gave it a Miami Vice drug smuggling vibe. Maybe next year I'll feel differently about surfing the mine riddled land where a slight mishap caused us to become stationary balls in a pinball game of travel having us

sitting around for four hours waiting on our plane while military guided drug dogs made their way through our bags. Being a day behind schedule all I wanted at that point was to be sitting at my buddy Mario's porch in Miami, our gateway to Costa Rica, chillen and recollecting the best surf trip I've ever been when talking about wave quality and quantity. Before the three of us, my cousin Jeff Zasadny, our buddy Adam Layne and myself, left Florida we took an in depth look into the swell forecasts for all Southern Hemi swells >

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Four hours in El Salvador. A Costa Rican Surf Adventure.