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Florida juice with speed to burn.

Hurricane Florence Meets Florida.

A swell of a decade unloads onto Florida's East Coast.

Words & Photos by Arsen Brzostek, Posted 9/15/06

When I checked the buoys on Thursday morning (9/14/06) they were holding to the forecast. Florence the Hurricane was far offshore. It's swell merged with a cold front creating a cusp which came off the eastern seaboard and was sending a NE, 14 foot ground swell at 17 seconds. The tide was low incoming. The wind 10 knots offshore. When I pulled up to Satellite Beach I couldn't stop shaking from the anxiety of wanting to be in the water surfing. I was freakin!!!

A buddy of mine, Ryan Cathy, came along and shot the morning session on video. I grabbed my 20D and popped off about 500 pics in 15 mins. When I went in I caught double overhead bombs until I snapped a leash. After I swam in I filmed a bit. After I found another leash I went back out. This is all on my 10'3" log. After several more mind dripping waves I snapped the second leash. I went back in and got my 9 footer. Sooo much fun doing hard cut backs. Some of the bigger waves which came through on the cleans ups were easily 3X over head. >

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Hurricane Florence Meets Florida. A swell of a decade unloads onto Florida's East Coast.