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My imagition from the night before.

Hurricane Florence Meets Florida.

Written on September 15, 2006

Fellow logger.

East Coast Bunny.

Coming back for more.

Making the drop. Sequence 1.

When I checked the buoys on Thursday morning (9/14/06) they were holding to the forecast. Florence the Hurricane was far offshore. It's swell merged with a cold front creating a cusp which came off the eastern seaboard and was sending a NE, 14 foot ground swell at 17 seconds. The tide was low incoming. The wind10 knots offshore. When I pulled up to Satellite Beach I couldn't stop shaking from the anxiety of wanting to be in the water surfing. I was freakin!!!

A buddy of mine, Ryan Cathy, came along and shot the morning session on video. I grabbed my 20D and popped off about 500 pics in 15 mins. When I went in I caught double overhead bombs until I snapped a leash. After I swam in I filmed a bit. After I found another leash I went back out. This is all on my 10'3" log. After several more mind dripping waves I snapped the second leash. I went back in and got my 9 footer. Sooo much fun doing hard cut backs. Some of the bigger waves which came through on the cleans ups were easily 3x over head.

Including swimming after my board, acquiring leashes, paddling and surfing I had about 6 hours logged. No food. Only a granola bar on the way for breakfast. We hit Taco Hell after the morning sesh. Stopped by Cocoa Beach Surf Shop bartered with Jamie for a new leash and some wax in exchange for a couple Going With The Flow DVD's. Jamie said to check behind the shop before we leave. Did. Surfed small long lines till almost dark. Had more fun. What a day. Didn't wanna leave.

- Arsen Brzostek

Check the video of the swell that day. Ryan from Gulfster says it's the best Florida Surf Video of 2006. Thanks Ryan!!!

Pretty Damn Close
Hurricane Florence Swell
Florida's East Coast 9.14.06

Most of the guys out didn't go for medium size waves coming through today.
This guy went for broke. Sequence 2.

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Hurricane Florence Meets Florida.

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