(05/24) Sanctuaries, Part 2: Get to Know the Jewel of Europe
How Ericeira became the Old Country's first World Surfing Reserve

(05/24) Mick Fanning's Beer-Swilling, Wave-Hunting Vacation
Three-time world champ takes a well-deserved break, but will be back for Fiji -- and J-Bay

(05/24) May(be) an Early Start to Tropical Season?
Disturbed weather near the Bahamas offers potential surf/weather to Florida and Southeast

(05/24) WSL Holdings Buys Kelly Slater Wave Company: Here's Kelly's Take
"This is not to replace anything in surfing; it's just to be a supplement..."

(05/24) Bethany Hamilton Scores Wildcard for Fiji Pro
26-year-old Hawaiian goofyfooter returns to the long lefts of Tavarua

(05/23) Nic Lamb's $9,000 Surfboard
Santa Cruz big wave rider teams up with renowned French artist for a charitable collaboration

(05/23) "I Should've Come Out"
Damo's take on his wave of the day at massive Cloudbreak

(05/22) Cloudbreak in Real Time
Photo and video updates throughout the day of a macking swell in Fiji

(05/22) Aaron Gold Nearly Drowns at Giant Cloudbreak
2016 Paddle Award Winner Brought Back to Life After Extensive CPR

(05/22) Finding Common Ground in Canada
Reef team explores the Great White North while filming for new movie