(07/26) Bede Durbidge Is Back from Injury and Charging
Former CT surfer appears far along the road to recovery after breaking his pelvis at Pipe

(07/26) Vans US Open Calendar: Your Guide to SoCal's Biggest Surf Contest
Parties, movie premieres, signings, inductions, actual surfing -- it's all here

(07/26) Frank Continues as a Small Hurricane Tuesday Afternoon
Small to locally fun size SE/SSE swell for SoCal from Frank Wed-Thur for SoCal; Minor SW swell from Georgette

(07/26) Crocodile Victim Stable after Leg Amputation
After Jonathan Betker's attack, authorities forbid feeding animals at Tamarindo river

(07/25) Coco Ho Wins Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro
Hawaiian takes third title at Oceanside Pier over Malia Manuel, who now leads QS ratings

(07/25) Leo Fioravanti Takes a Fin to the Head
Italian surfer - and WQS frontrunner - hospitalized before he's set to compete in the Vans U.S. Open

(07/25) How Can SoCal Get Southeast Swells?
Open swell window extends down the coast of Baja through South America

(07/24) Social Absorption: I Was a Teenage Guidance Counselor
...and other pulp delicacies

(07/24) Darby Departs Hawaiian Waters, Winds/Waves Drop
Darby due to weaken while leaving the Hawaiian Islands in its wake

(07/23) Consider Yourself Alerted: Here Comes the Vans US Open of Surfing
Greatest show on Earth? No, but certainly one of the most compelling.