(10/23) 'I Didn't Even Realize My Leg Was Hit till I Got to Shore'
Maui shark attack victim explains harrowing encounter and subsequent rescue

(10/22) JJF: Stepping Up at the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Florence still looks relaxed -- and unbeatable -- as he inches closer to the Title

(10/22) Nicole The Neutralizer
As the East Coast and Caribbean recover from Matthew's mean streak, a new system offers some semblance of normalcy.

(10/22) Social Absorption: State of the YEWnion
Right here, right now, this is where we stand...

(10/21) Medina Goes Down; JJF Could Take Title in Portugal
And other news from a day on the move at the MEO Rip Curl Pro

(10/20) A Day to Forget, A Day to Remember in Portugal
Florence and Medina squeak through R2, Wilko's run comes to an end at MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal

(10/19) 'I Didn't Even Care If I Came Out'
Damien Hobgood wins O'Neill Wave of the Winter Southern Hemi Reader's Choice for September at G-Land

(10/19) The Edge
Chasing Ryan Hipwood through a southern hemisphere winter -- updated mid-October

(10/19) Clay Marzo's Bookkeeper Allegedly Stole Over $400K
Financial manager indicted for embezzling money, leaving Maui freesurfer in considerable debt

(10/19) Brazil CT Switches Venue After Sharp Criticism
Plagued by poor waves and water quality, the Rio Pro moves from Postinho to Saquarema